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The Lali Story

Lali was founded in 1970 by Lali Vossgatter. In 2003 Lali met Julie, a young silversmith with a passion for handmade jewellery. When Lali retired, she gave Julie the iconic jewellery store. 


Julie says: ‘I like to create a warm, friendly atmosphere in my shop and to give each customer individual attention. A special feature of Lali Silver Jewellery is that many of my pieces are created on the premises. My customers can also browse through a selection of heirloom pieces created by some of South Africa’s most talented silversmiths.’

Julie Tilman, Owner of Lali Silver Jewellery and talented jeweller

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Lali Vossgatter on the 16th of March, 2020. Until then, she had continued to create special pieces for us at her studio in Wilderness. Julie, who took over Lali’s beautiful shop explains: ‘Lali was a great mentor to me and a good friend. Regular customers of Lali’s generation and the next continue to flock to the shop to admire and collect her gorgeous pieces.’ Julie proudly reminisces how Lali was very much a daily part of the business during her retirement years, as she regularly called to keep up with the shop’s activities and check up on her well loved customers.

In 2020, Lali Silver Jewellery celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Lali’s creative spirit will be greatly missed, but her memory will continue to live on in those who dearly loved her. 

In loving memory of Lali Vossgatter. 1944 - 2022

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